ngakmafaery (ngakmafaery) wrote in indiansaints,

re: Sai Baba...

...I have not met him, and someone gave me some virbutti said to be from him. This just didn't come across as some super-powder to me, and yet I tend to be able to perceive things that have energy from other cultures, including tibetan buddhist (my main tradition). I trust the person who gave it to me as having good spiritual insight, but for whatever reason I have some skepticism. Is there anything you'd suggest, other than a trip to India or wherever he might be, that would help me get clear on the genuine beneficialness of this teacher? Again, I have nothing against him, but would like to feel for myself the truth of his energy...I know he has helped many people, and would like to have a clear impression of whatever his value is...

thank you!
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