wild child full of grace (warmscars) wrote in indiansaints,
wild child full of grace

india planning!!!!

i am in the process of planning an itinerary to visit nepal, the himalayas, and india this summer!!! i will be there for all of june and july although i wish it was longer. i am trying to center this trip around places of religious interest... i.e. ashrams i can go to... i am interested in the guru lineage of babaji, lahiri mahasaya, sri yukteswar, and darling paramhansa yogananda... i am also a devotee of sri sri ravi shankar. i implore help from any of you who have been to india or any must see places. please be specific as far as location... since i will only be there for two months i am only concentrating on a region... i.e. south west, north east, etc.

om shanti!!
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