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Thursday, July 24th, 2008
4:31 pm
Book on Indian Saints
Hey, I was looking for a good overview of the prominent saints of India but I couldn't find many books on the subject through Amazon. Does anyone here have any suggestions?
Sunday, January 1st, 2006
9:14 am
New Year's Message
"By the command of the Indestructible Being, minutes, hours, days and nights, stand apart. By the command of the Immortal Brahman, months, years, seasons and solstices stand apart. He who knows this Indestructible Being is a liberated sage or Jivanmukta.

"Time rolls on. New becomes old and old becomes new again. Today is the most auspicious New Year's day. God has given you another chance this year to enable you to strive for your salvation. Today man is. Tomorrow he is not. Therefore avail yourself of this golden opportunity, struggle hard and reach the goal of life. Make the best use of every moment of this New Year. Unfold all latent faculties.

"Here is a chance to begin life anew, to grow and evolve and become a superhuman or a great dynamic Yogi.

"On this glorious New Year's day make a strong resolve to wipe away all the old worldly Vasanas or tendencies and bad impressions and to control the senses and the mind.

"Know the value of time. Time is most precious. Utilise every second profitably. Live every moment of your life for the realisation of your ideal and goal. Do not procrastinate. That "tomorrow" will never come. Now or never. Abandon idle gossiping. Kill egoism, laziness and inertia. Forget the past. A glorious and brilliant future is awaiting you.

"Equal vision is the touchstone of knowledge. Unselfishness is the touchstone of virtue. Brahmacharya is the touchstone of ethics. Oneness is the touchstone of Self-realisation. Humility is the touchstone of devotion. Therefore, be unselfish, humble and pure. Develop equal vision. Be in tune with the Infinite.

"Satyam (truth) is the seed. Ahimsa is the root. Meditation is the shower. Santi (peace) is the flower. Moksha (salvation) is the fruit. Therefore, speak the truth, practise Ahimsa and meditation. Cultivate Santi. You will attain the final emancipation or freedom from the trammels of births and deaths, and enjoy Eternal bliss.

"Be thou a spiritual warrior of Truth. Put on the armour of discrimination. Wear the shield of dispassion. Hold the flag of Dharma. Sing the song of Soham or Sivoham. March boldly with the band of Pranava-Om Om Om. Blow the conch of courage. Kill the enemies of doubt, ignorance, passion and egoism and enter the illimitable kingdom of blissful Brahman. Possess the imperishable wealth of Atma. Taste the divine immortal essence. Drink the nectar of Immortality.

"May this bright New Year's day and all the succeeding days of this year and all the future years also bring you all success, peace, prosperity and happiness. May you all tread the path of Truth and righteousness! May you enjoy the eternal bliss of the Absolute, leading a divine life, singing Lord's name, sharing what you have with others, serving the poor and the sick with Atma Bhava and melting the mind in silent meditation in the Supreme Self."

Swami Sivananda

Happy New Year All.
Friday, August 19th, 2005
3:01 pm

Jai, jai jai Durge maata bhavaani
Saba jagata ko dukh harani
Ramadaasa sharana gaye
Bhavaani dayani shivani

(Hail O Mother Durga, O Bhavaani
 One who takes away all the grief in the universe
 The one at whose feet Ramadaas falls,
 O Bhavani, O Kind One, O Shivani)
Friday, August 12th, 2005
9:35 am
my own baba forum, please come look
hi all.

I feel that it is time for me to look through the directory, here, for baba groups and for communities interested in baba, after all i have experienced many many dreams with him in them, over the last number of years. I am not a devotee though! I even have begun a forum of my own, just to get a discussion going
about baba, as i read so much anti-baba articles and about his 'sex" stuff!

so here is my "invite" for my own new List, on Quicktopic.


I think that here I will invite anyone who is interested to come visit my Forum, in http://www.quicktopic.com
that is called,

Sathya Sai Baba, 2005, who is he?


I am not a devotee of baba, but i am interested in him.
I read so much, on the internet, about his "sex" activities, his doings with little boys and male devotees.

Some think that he is God Incarnate, the Kalki avatar!
baba SAYS that he is!

a "hot button" topic indeed!

anyway, since i have had dreams about baba, I ought to be interested, thus i wish to find out from other devotees and ex-devotees, more about him.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
1:01 pm
New Community-- Prayer For India!

Greetings one and all,

This community is being established for those who desire to pray for India, have a heart for India, who are Indian (living anywhere), are missionaries in India, or just want to check out what God is doing in that large region. The purpose of this community will be cultural exchange between regions of India (anything from Divali to Desi food recipes to religious/cultural study to Bollywood), understanding, keeping up with news and needs of India, and correspondences between all affiliated with India in some way.

I look forwards to seeing what God will accomplish as we all gather together with one purpose.
--- all welcome to join ---

++will be cross-posted++
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
12:52 pm
message from siva baba
A most of the problems of the world are due to the willful downplay of the Feminine energy. The Feminine represents pure, unconditional love. The Feminine is also the nuturor and sustaining principle.When we politically, socially, economically and emotionally do injustice to the Feminine then there will be more earthquakes around the world. It is time that we correct our perception and the way we treat and respect the Feminine. Let us do this from this Mothers' Day onwards.

You may or may not like your mother or simply you don't think about her. No matter what your attitude to your living or deceased mother, the mother's soul deeply loves you and cares for you. The mother herself may not be consciously aware of her love towards her children.

I want to give you an example from Ramana Maharishi's life. Ramana Maharishi left home as a teenager to meditate at Thiruvanamallai. He realized that he is not the body, not the mind, and not even his individual soul. At this time Ramana Maharishi's mother came to see him. Ramana Maharishi totally ignored her, saying that he is not attached, that he has no mother or father and is attached to none. But the mother was stubborn and stayed at Thiruvanamallai. She was resolute that the son one day would come back and recognize her.

It happened as she wished. She fell dangerously ill and Ramana Maharishi came to her and started nursing her. It was time for her to die. Ramana Maharishi put his hand on her heart and dissolved the latent karma in her soul. When her soul left her body, he declared that her soul would not seek another body again.

Strangely enough, he then built a temple for his mother in the land where he was living. This is a very critical happening for the ashram. After the mother's shrine was built, money began to flow from all over the world. He called the temple as the Mother God temple. Mother God is an important principle. You may want to read Sylvia Browne's book, "Mother God".

If you want to experience miracles in your life, you should re-establish your bond with your mother. If she is already deceased, you can still do it, because the spirit never dies. On this upcoming Mothers' Day I will be invoking the Mother Goddess to revive the world and put back love, prosperity, and abundance. I want everyone on you to participate in this big fire ritual in honor of the Mother Goddess. You should give your Mother's Name and Birthstar and then a prayer for your Mother. Send this information to us for the ashram in India.

Another service that I strongly encourage you to do is a yearly birthstar pooja for your mother's birthstar. I remember somebody saying that the country will be judged by the way it treats it's women. It is an absolute truth.

I know that some of you have not been speaking to your mother for a long time. Make sure to call her and let her know that you love her. Just by establishing your contact with your mother, you will certainly see miracles in your life.

- Siva Baba
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
3:01 pm
re: Sai Baba...
...I have not met him, and someone gave me some virbutti said to be from him. This just didn't come across as some super-powder to me, and yet I tend to be able to perceive things that have energy from other cultures, including tibetan buddhist (my main tradition). I trust the person who gave it to me as having good spiritual insight, but for whatever reason I have some skepticism. Is there anything you'd suggest, other than a trip to India or wherever he might be, that would help me get clear on the genuine beneficialness of this teacher? Again, I have nothing against him, but would like to feel for myself the truth of his energy...I know he has helped many people, and would like to have a clear impression of whatever his value is...

thank you!
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
9:51 pm
This is to announce the reincarnation of the om_namah_sivaya community, a place for sivaites and those that are interested. Please come join us.
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
6:14 am
namaste....and happy navratri and vijay dashami (coming up ) to everyone reading this, although it would seem very few must be.
i posted a couple of months ago hoping someone would see it, respond or get more postings, either way, there has been so little traffic in this "cyberspace mandir", and i think it's a little sad. but then again, i hope everyone is busy doing their own thing performing their own dharma in the world.
at any rate, to anyone to sees this, whereever you may be.....if you're celebrating it (in india or anywhere else in the world) with your family or local community.
happy navratri festivals, i hope you're all enjoying it and dancing in the ras garbha!
jai mata di!
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
11:20 pm
Hi I want to let everyone know there is a community now devoted to inspiring ourselves in the practice of chanting. We all know Krishna Das teaches and shares the benefits of chanting to all he sings for. Let's all do the same and motivate ourselves to chant.


Regarding the topic here, I have always felt inspired by the Indian saints particularly Krishna, Radha, Mirabai, Andal, and Vasantha Sai are my absolute favorites as well as the gopis. I am a practitioner of madhurya bhava bhakti type of devotion.
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
10:54 pm
new posts
i am very excited to have this community on LJ. although i must say i am dissapointed there have been no recent posts since april.
where is everyone? in india travelling?
anyway, i just added this LJ community to my list, i hope some of you will post more and share more thoughts.
those interested, please feel free to check out my profile or add me to your friend's list.
thank you.
auspicious blessings to all
mel (laxmidas)
Friday, April 23rd, 2004
10:42 am
india planning!!!!
i am in the process of planning an itinerary to visit nepal, the himalayas, and india this summer!!! i will be there for all of june and july although i wish it was longer. i am trying to center this trip around places of religious interest... i.e. ashrams i can go to... i am interested in the guru lineage of babaji, lahiri mahasaya, sri yukteswar, and darling paramhansa yogananda... i am also a devotee of sri sri ravi shankar. i implore help from any of you who have been to india or any must see places. please be specific as far as location... since i will only be there for two months i am only concentrating on a region... i.e. south west, north east, etc.

om shanti!!
Saturday, September 27th, 2003
2:56 am
Welcome to IndiaOnline
This new user will post important news and information about India. You can post your Comments
Monday, August 4th, 2003
1:26 am
"All religions are the same.
They all lead to God.
God is everybody...
the same blood flows through us all,
the arms,
the legs,
the heart,
all are the same.
See no difference,
see all the same."
- Neem Karoli Baba
Saturday, July 12th, 2003
10:52 am
There are many paths in life - untold pathways as numberless as the stars in the sky. But many overlook the Beloved - the Self. This Self is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It simply is. It is ever-present, and yet it never comes into being from anywhere outside or inside of itself. How is it possible for us to overlook this Beloved? The answer, some would say, is that we never overlook the Self, for it permeates all of infinite existence - therefore, our "ignorance" is only an illusion, and enlightenment is also an illusion. There are, however, beings who have fully realized the nature of this paradox without conceptual restraints. Such beings have no set of rules for others to follow. However, they do sometimes give us precious clues as to how we may also partake of the One Taste. Who can describe such a person? For what that person has become, there is no name. Not Hindu. Not Buddhist. Not Christian. Just a sentient being who truly understands how things are. Such a person has gone beyond the boundries of such distinctions, which are products of the mind only. Consider. In order to form concepts, one must compare and contrast one word from another for any of the words to have any meaning - thus, duality, conceptualization, etc. Perhaps the true master has stopped setting one thing against another, for that person knows that all things are One even thought the mind percieves seperation. How can you identify such a person? Such persons defy description. They have no set of rules to follow. They do naturally what comes their way, but they always seem to exhibit infinite compassion for all of existence. Knowing all things to be the Self, they are One with all things. Devotees of Neem Karoli Baba often asked him for teachings, but he would say, "Be here now. Love others. Feed others. See only the Self." You are already One with all of infinite existence. It is your very nature, regardless of any efforts or lack of efforts on your part. Because you try to find the One, you fail to see the Beloved. It is neither inside nor outside. It is HERE, NOW, FOREVER. No hurries. Relax. Love your true Self, which is already 'enlightened' and 'perfect' without ever trying to be.
Thursday, July 10th, 2003
3:15 pm
Neem Karoli Baba
Dada [ Sudhir Mukerjee] is recognized as one of the devotees who has been closest to Maharajji [Neem Karoli Baba]. Their relationship has been so intimate for so long that we treasure Dada’s stories about his “Baba” as especially precious. He is our elder brother in Maharajji’s spiritual family.
This man we know as Dada was also Professor Sudhir Mukerjee, a professor of Economics at the highly regarded Allahabad University. He edited a prestigious economics journal, was a political activist, delighted in ideological discussions with his many intellectual friends. He was a responsible family man whose household included his wife (Didi), his mother and aunt, and his brother and nephew.
And then into his life stepped Maharajji—a barefoot sadhu wearing only a dhoti. He moved right into Dada’s home, uninvited. Initially, Dada was kind and courteous, as you might expect, though skeptical as befitting his role as a scholar. But his intellect found itself to be no match for his intuitive heart, through which he came to treasure Maharajji and acknowledge him as nothing short of God in form.
Dada had been offered a ringside seat at the play of the Lord. And the price of admission had been giving up who he had been.
Whatever Dada did, it involved a remarkable degree of surrender. For, by the time I met him, the transformation seemed complete. There was no sign of the Professor; there was only Dada. Maharajji had said to him, “You are mine,” and so he is. Dada had become so much an instrument of Maharajji that there was no space between the order and its execution. Such a level of surrender was hard to comprehend. It was not as if Dada was a separate being serving Maharajji—he was the service itself.
For me and other Westerners, these moments of sharing in faith are especially precious because it is so difficult to speak of “Guru” in the West; so hard to express unabashed devotion; so culturally unacceptable to speak of the yearning to surrender to another being.
But now, as we are gathered on Dada’s porch with Maharajji in our hearts, it is as if we are not just speaking about Maharajji; he is here with us. Maharajji once said, “When anyone thinks of me, I am with him.” And so he is. The moment itself is his darshan.
We always want just one more story from Dada. For his faith never flickers. The purity, the power, and the obvious truth of his stories resonate deep within us, opening our hearts once again to our own innocence, reawakening in us our own perfect faith.”

From Introduction to The Near and the Dear, by Dada Mukerjee, Introduction by Ram Dass
Thursday, June 19th, 2003
2:26 am
From "The Near and the Dear" by Dada Mukerjee
About the Role of Sadhus

About the role of sadhus, Babaji was emphatic. "Their tasks are distinct from those of householders and social workers. It is not for them to enter into your kitchen to prepare food for you and your God, nor to open the cowsheds to attend to sick cows. These works can be easily done by others; sadhus are not needed for them. Their withdrawal from the day-to-day lives of the people is of utmost importance to society. The real help from sadhus comes when they are all engaged in their own task without getting involved in the quagmire of social life. Then and only then can society derive the greatest benefit from sadhus. It is for this reason you have to honor their roles, and allow them to do their work without any interference, not dragging them down to drive your chariot. Their work is for the good of the whole creation. The incense stick can give its odor by standing aloof, you need not take it before everyone to inhale its smell."

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
6:28 pm
I have noticed that life seems to move in lessons. That is, I seem to continually receive gentle reminders that I am supposed to be working on a specific aspect of my life. At present, I believe my lesson is to control my negative speech. This is a quote that I have on my website and on the wall in my room.

"Speech can indicate one's character so be careful about the words you utter. A slip while walking can be repaired, but a slip while talking can cause irreparable injury."

-Sathya Sai Baba
Saturday, May 31st, 2003
2:19 am
The ego is like a stick dividing water in two. It creates the impression that you are one and I am another. When the ego vanishes you will realize that Brahman is your own inner consciousness. -Ramakrishna

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
3:47 pm
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are born to make manifest the glory that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it's in everyone. As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

(Nelson Mandela)

Current Mood: calm
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