Heretic Priest (sathanas65) wrote in indiansaints,
Heretic Priest


There are many paths in life - untold pathways as numberless as the stars in the sky. But many overlook the Beloved - the Self. This Self is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It simply is. It is ever-present, and yet it never comes into being from anywhere outside or inside of itself. How is it possible for us to overlook this Beloved? The answer, some would say, is that we never overlook the Self, for it permeates all of infinite existence - therefore, our "ignorance" is only an illusion, and enlightenment is also an illusion. There are, however, beings who have fully realized the nature of this paradox without conceptual restraints. Such beings have no set of rules for others to follow. However, they do sometimes give us precious clues as to how we may also partake of the One Taste. Who can describe such a person? For what that person has become, there is no name. Not Hindu. Not Buddhist. Not Christian. Just a sentient being who truly understands how things are. Such a person has gone beyond the boundries of such distinctions, which are products of the mind only. Consider. In order to form concepts, one must compare and contrast one word from another for any of the words to have any meaning - thus, duality, conceptualization, etc. Perhaps the true master has stopped setting one thing against another, for that person knows that all things are One even thought the mind percieves seperation. How can you identify such a person? Such persons defy description. They have no set of rules to follow. They do naturally what comes their way, but they always seem to exhibit infinite compassion for all of existence. Knowing all things to be the Self, they are One with all things. Devotees of Neem Karoli Baba often asked him for teachings, but he would say, "Be here now. Love others. Feed others. See only the Self." You are already One with all of infinite existence. It is your very nature, regardless of any efforts or lack of efforts on your part. Because you try to find the One, you fail to see the Beloved. It is neither inside nor outside. It is HERE, NOW, FOREVER. No hurries. Relax. Love your true Self, which is already 'enlightened' and 'perfect' without ever trying to be.
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